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The Retreat


Please note that all classes, activities, workshops, and experiences will be in English.

All the activities, yoga classes, workshops, excursions & meals listed in the itinerary are included in the Retreat price.

Chakra Navy.png

Day One

Welcome to Sardinia!


  • Check In

  • Orientation & Welcome Workshop 

  • Post-Travel Yoga class to stretch

  • Wine Tasting and light Welcome Dinner

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Day Two

Root Chakra - EARTH


  • Morning Root Chakra Yoga 

  • Breakfast

  • Root Chakra Workshop

  • Light lunch at Su Gologone

  • Excursion to an ancient Sardinian archaeological site

  • Experience Dinner in ORTO - Su Gologone’s Vegetable Garden

Chakra Burnt.png

Day Three

Sacral Chakra - WATER


  • Breakfast

  • Hike Excursion to Cala Luna beach

  • Sacral Chakra workshop by the Mediterranean 

  • Lunch on the beach

  • Sacral Chakra yoga inside a cave

  • Dinner at Su Gologone’s Traditional Sardinian Restaurant

Chakra bue.png

Day Four

Solar Plexus Chakra - FIRE


  • Morning Solar Plexus Chakra power yoga class

  • Breakfast

  • Solar Plexus Chakra workshop

  • Free time + chance to explore local restaurants for lunch

  • Pasta Making Cooking class with a Sardinian grandmother

  • Experience Dinner at NIDO DEL PANE - Sardinian women cooking ancient recipes in an open fire oven.

Chakra Green.png

Day Five

Heart Chakra - AIR


  • Breakfast

  • Excursion - hike on Mount Tiscali

  • Lunch in a local shepherd's hut

  • Heart Chakra workshop

  • Heart Chakra restorative yoga

  • Experience Dinner at SOS NIDOS - Surrounded by Sardinian Nature

Chakra Purple.png

Day Six

Throat Chakra - SOUND


  • Morning Throat Chakra ashtanga yoga class

  • Breakfast

  • Throat Chakra workshop

  • Excursion to the local town of Oliena

  • Lunch at a poet’s house in town

  • Ceramics art class

  • Light tapas dinner on Terrace of Dreams

Chakra Burnt.png

Day Seven

 Third Eye and Crown Chakra - THOUGHT & LIGHT


  • Morning Third Eye and Crown Chakras yoga class

  • Group closing circle

  • Goodbye breakfast

  • Check Out 


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