Mente - Corpo - Anima

A Wellness Retreat for the
Mente (Mind), Corpo (Body), and Anima (Soul)


June 4th to 10th, 2023 - Sardinia, Italy

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Travel With Purpose

We will host you through a travel experience promoting mind-body health and wellbeing through physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual activities. Each of our retreats is designed to create connections with community, culture, and one's higher Self – otherwise known as “herSelf.” 


Allow us to host you on a journey exploring purpose and contentment in Sardinia, Italy.

This retreat is for the woman seeking a deeper connection with her purpose and more satisfaction with herSelf.

Hotel Su Gologone, Nicole of Bono Events International, Stefanie of Embodied Healing and Ellen of McQueen Yoga have partnered to create a detailed and intentional 7 day program to guide you in working with your hands, feet, mind, and heart to experience why having a sense of purpose and contentment leads to a more peaceful, rewarding, and energetically sustainable life.


Your Seven Day


Through Ellen’s yoga classes, Stefanie’s mind-body workshops, and Nicole’s itinerary design, you will experience intentional travel, rather than simply escaping your daily life.  To support our journey, we will deep dive into the chakras and the inherent values present in Blue Zone locations in order to explore the path to purpose and contentment. 


Please note that all activities will be held in English.  This is a physically active retreat including yoga, hiking, swimming, etc. ALL levels are encouraged to attend and will be respected.  Itinerary is subject to change.

“If you stay in the comfort zone all the time it shrinks.”

-Pema Chödrön, Welcoming the Unwelcome




The women behind the Mente Corpo Anima concept.


Purposeful travel, mind-body wellness knowledge, and yoga have played significant roles in the lives of Nicole, Ellen and Stefanie. All natives to the New York hustle, we relate to and empathize with the overstressed, overworked and overwhelmed woman. We’ve burned out, been overwhelmed, pushed too hard.  We’ve had the anxiety and the fear and the aimlessness.  We’ve faced hard relationships and jobs and life’s curveballs.  We’ve had the breakdowns.  We’ve been lost.  And we’ve worked hard to learn ways to manage these things. From those learnings we share a vision to create a wellness retreat where women feel safe to be vulnerable, can rest, experience, and learn new things, and are free to love themselves.


Ellen, Stefani& Nicole


Nicole, a luxury travel designer, has mapped each day to perfection to include unique travel experiences that allow total immersion into Sardinia’s rich culture, flavors, and natural blue zone setting.



Stefanie, a registered dance/movement therapist and licensed professional counselor, has designed daily mind-body workshops that will invite participants to fearlessly dive into and learn to manage various emotional aspects of their lives that contribute to one's own sense of wellness, purpose, and contentment.




Ellen, our yoga instructor, will lead yoga sessions that open each day’s chakra while teaching tools to assuage anxiety, maintain a healthy physical body and connect more deeply to the spiritual self.



Su GologoneHotel

“This place just feels so special. The smells and sounds… just amazing.”

-Debrah, USA 

Su Gologone Experience Hotel is the ideal location for your stay on the beautiful island of Sardinia. The hotel is set amid the magical landscape of the island, surrounded by a 10-hectare private park in the heart of the Barbagia and less than an hour from Olbia. The owners take great pride in offering unique experiences,  flawless service and exquisite culinary delights that embody excellence.



Su GologoneHotel

  • 10 hectare private park

  • Swimming pool

  • 3 Restaurants where you will find a culinary path made by traditional aromas and flavours, all waiting to be discovered.

  • The best homemade traditional cuisine in Sardinia

  • 2 Bars

  • ​Wine cellar

  • Prosciutteria

  • Champagnotheque

  • ​Cooking classes

  • Herb garden

  • Botteghe d’Arte with 6 laboratories

  • Creative classes: ceramic, embroidery, painting, jewelry

  • Art gallery

  • Wi-Fi in all the rooms and public spaces

Signora Pasqua, Giovanna Palimodde & Camilla Crisponi, the three generations of female owners.

Signora Pasqua, Giovanna Palimodde & Camilla Crisponi,

the three generations of women who created, curated,

and make this magical property what it is today.

The Investment


June 4th - June 10th, 2023 - 6 nights

Below is the all inclusive price of our retreat which changes based upon whether or not you are sharing the room with someone. The price includes yours meals, excursions, activities, workshops, yoga classes, accommodations and more! 

Prices are on a per-person basis - with a DELUXE EMOTION ROOM and the ALL-INCLUSIVE six night, seven day retreat.


Deluxe Emotion Room

Offering a stylish take on traditional Sardinian style, this room has splashes of lime green, burnt orange and sunshine yellow, with wood beams and unique artworks.

€5,400 EUR Per Person  **Based on 2 people sharing

€6,700 EUR Per Person   **Single Occupancy

Two twin beds are possible.