Mente - Corpo - Anima

An immersive travel, wellness & yoga retreat for your mind, body & soul. Join us on a six day journey diving into the chakras, deepening a positive relationship with yourself and discovering the Sardinian culture.



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About the

A breathtaking hike to a mind body workshop at the top of a Sardinian mountain, a freeing yoga session on the white sand beach of the sparkling Mediterranean, blue zone farm-to-table meals at a beautiful luxury hotel run by three generations of Sardinian women. This is not your typical yoga retreat. What makes this retreat so unique? 


Hotel Su Gologone, Nicole of Bono Events International, Stefanie of Embodied Healing and Ellen of McQueen Yoga have partnered to harmonize these experiences and many more during a travel, wellness and yoga retreat in Italy’s gorgeous Sardinia.  Our six days together will be a carefully curated immersive experience that flows through a journey of the chakras, the seven energy centers located at different points in the body responsible for various physical, emotional and mental aspects of our lives. 


Ellen, our yoga instructor, will lead morning and afternoon yoga sessions that will open each day’s chakra while teaching tools to assuage anxiety, maintain a healthy physical body and connect more deeply to the spiritual self. These tools will be a support and resource so that you can live a more loving, relaxed and healthy daily life.


Stefanie, a certified dance/movement therapist and licensed professional counselor, has meticulously designed daily workshops that will invite freedom in the body while learning to enjoy a positive and empathic relationship to the self. Through these curated sessions of movement, mindfulness, and thought based exercises, you will learn techniques and philosophies to help better release anxiety, and cultivate joy and love for all the parts that make you, YOU.


Nicole, a luxury travel designer, has mapped each day to perfection to include unique travel experiences that allow total immersion into Sardinia’s rich culture, flavors and natural blue-zone setting. Whether it's the mountains you'll be hiking on, the crystal blue waters you'll be swimming in, the Sardinian locals you'll meet and learn from or the dishes you'll learn to cook, Nicole has designed each day as a deep dive in experiencing everything this magical island has to offer.


There couldn’t be a more picturesque or rejuvenating location than Su Gologone to experience our week of balancing, nourishing and expanding our mind, body and soul. We hope that you will join us for this incredible experience. 


Please note that all activities will be held in English.  This is a physically active retreat including yoga, hiking, swimming, etc. ALL levels are encouraged to attend. 




“If you stay in the comfort zone all the time it shrinks.”

-Pema Chödrön, Welcoming the Unwelcome


What inspired us to create this retreat? 

Nicole, Stefanie and Ellen, all natives to the New York hustle, relate to and empathize with the overstressed, overworked and overwhelmed woman. All three of us have been through challenging yet eye-opening mental health journeys that have allowed us to discover the incredible benefits of travel as therapy. By coupling the spiritual and emotional practices of yoga and movement with their physical benefits, we balance the connection between the mind and body. We have learned first hand that this unique combination serves in developing a deeper and healthier relationship to oneself, and therefore, to the world around you. We wholeheartedly believe that Sardinia is a magnificent island that provides much of the essential tools for healing, and we're so excited to share the magic with you.


Meet the


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your yoga teacher


your movement therapist



your retreat coordinator




Su Gologone Hotel

Su Gologone Experience Hotel is the ideal location for your stay on the beautiful island of Sardinia. The hotel is set amid the magical landscape of the island, surrounded by a 10-hectare private park in the heart of the Barbagia and less than an hour from Olbia. The owners take great pride in offering unique experiences,  flawless service and exquisite culinary delights that embody excellence.

A stay at Hotel Su Gologone is an opportunity to make new discoveries, relax and enjoy moments of spirituality and fun.  You will check out with unique and unforgettable memories.


All rooms and suites feature traditional furnishings, authentic designer pieces and precious embroidery created by the skilled hands of the women of Oliena. The hotel is owned and operated by three generations of women, Pasqua, Giovanna and Camilla will welcome you to this beautiful oasis, inviting you into their home and culture. 



  • 10 hectare private park

  • Swimming pool

  • 3 Restaurants where you will find a culinary path made by traditional aromas and flavours, all waiting to be discovered.

  • The best homemade traditional cuisine in Sardinia

  • 2 Bars

  • Champagnotheque

  • ​Wine cellar

  • Prosciutteria

  • Cooking classes

  • Herb garden

  • Botteghe d’Arte with 6 laboratories

  • Creative classes: ceramic, embroidery, painting, jewelry

  • Art gallery

  • Wi-Fi in all the rooms and public spaces

The Retreat


Please note that all classes, activities, workshops, and experiences will be in English.

All the activities, yoga classes, workshops, excursions & meals listed in the itinerary are included in the Retreat price.

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Day One


Welcome to your picturesque and restorative abode for the week.  We’ll begin our retreat by diving into a mindful movement workshop followed by a grounding yoga session in order to open our root chakra, responsible for a sense of stability and security.  A welcoming aperitivo followed by an experience dinner will invite us to feel right at home.

Chakra Green.png

Day Four


Today, a rigorous yet awe-inspiring hike to Monte Corrasi will open our heart chakra, encouraging love, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others.  On our way we’ll experience a traditional lunch with local farmers, then practice mindfulness and self-reflection during our mountain-top workshop.  Back at the hotel, a restorative yoga session will be an exercise in self-care.

Chakra Orange.png

Day Two


The element of the sacral chakra, our center of pleasure and creativity, is water, so we’ll spend our day bathed in sunlight by the glistening Mediterranean sea.  We’ll eat lunch by the breathtaking grotto, explore the possibilities of life enjoyment during a workshop playing in the waves and find freedom of movement in a yoga class on the white sand beach.

Chakra Purple.png

Day Five


We’ll open our throat chakra, center of truthful communication, by beginning our day with a creative mosaics art class.  Today’s workshop and yoga session will stimulate our ability to honestly express ourselves.  A mountain-top aperitivo will grant us the opportunity to discuss our experience together, followed by a mouth-watering goodbye dinner.

Chakra bue.png

Day Three


The solar plexus chakra is in charge of our sense of purpose, courage and a healthy digestive system.  Today’s yoga sessions and workshop will focus on cultivating fearlessness and personal power.  Today we’ll have the unique experience of cooking the local cuisine together, enriching our appreciation for the healthy food culture of the region. In accordance with this chakra’s fire element, dinner will be a traditional Sardinian fire-cooked experience.

Chakra Navy.png

Day Six


We’ll celebrate our last two chakras on our final morning together, the third eye and the crown.  Our last yoga session and workshop will be an invitation to trust your own intuition and experience the vastness of your imagination.  We’ll say goodbye at breakfast together, an opportunity to reflect on our journey through the chakras and appreciate all Sardinia has to offer.



Our All Inclusive Retreat Price 

and Accomodations

May 29th - June 3rd, 2022 - 5 nights ALL INCLUSIVE 

Below are the all inclusive prices of our retreat which change based upon your room choice, and whether or not you are sharing the room with someone. The price includes yours meals, excursions, activities, workshops, yoga classes, accommodations and more! 

Every room at Su Gologone is unique, crafted by the artist Giovanna Palimodde - no two rooms are alike! 


Please note that all prices below are on a PER PERSON basis. 


Deluxe Emotion Room

Offering a stylish take on traditional Sardinian style, this room has splashes of lime green, burnt orange and sunshine yellow, with wood beams and unique artworks.

€5,241.50 Per Person **Based on 2 people sharing

€6,303.00 Per Person **Single Occupancy

Two twin beds are possible.


Junior Suite Deluxe

Wide and comfortable room and living room area - Size from 25 to 30 sqm. These rooms have a circular bathtub for 2 people in the small sitting area or on the terrace.

€5,610.00 Per Person **Based on 2 people sharing

€7,040.00 Per Person **Single Occupancy

Two twin beds are possible.


Suite Colores

Open space room with separate sitting room. Some of them have a private terrace with Jacuzzi. Size from 35 to 40 sqm.

€6,575.25 Per Person **Based on 2 people sharing

€8,970.50 Per Person **Single Occupancy

Double Bed ONLY.

Suite Arte.jpeg

Suite Dell’Arte

Large terrace with views of the garden, the mountains or the valley. The accommodation includes whirlpool bath or a hydromassage shower. Size from 40 to 55sqm

€6,990.50 Per Person **Based on 2 people sharing

€9,801.00 Per Person **Single Occupancy

Two Beds are possible - one double, one full.


Experience Suite

Relax in the exquisite terrace looking onto the aromatic herb garden, perhaps while enjoying the outdoor tub or the hammock, listening to the pleasant Barbagia sounds.

€7,942.00 Per Person **Based on 2 people sharing

€11,704.00 Per Person **Single Occupancy

Two Beds are possible - one double, one full.


Your luxury accommodations, all meals listed, travel activities, all experiences, yoga classes and workshops are included in the price of this retreat. Everything listed on the itinerary description above is included. For more information please email


  • Any extra drinks you may order a la carte are not included. (Most meals will include water, some local wine and drinks, but anything extra you might order will not be included.)

  • Airfare and transportation to and from Sardinia is not included. Bono Events International will be providing a special price for anyone interested in assistance with Travel Planning. We will provide pricing of a shuttle service from the Olbia and Cagliari airports to Su Gologone Hotel. Travel Insurance is not included, but we highly encourage it at this time and are happy to provide a quote for you. 



Upon registering for this retreat, a 30% non-refundable deposit of your total amount owed is required. A 3% processing fee will be added to the total of booking. Your total amount is based on your room selection above (type of room and occupancy). Your remaining balance will be due on April 29th, 2022, 30 days before the start of the retreat. Please note that all further details will be on the registration form.


Reserve your


By hitting submit your spot will be reserved for 24 hours. You will be receiving a longer questionnaire shortly for your room selection as well as a credit card authorization form.  A 3% processing fee will be added to the total of booking. After 24 hours if you have not completed your form and paid the deposit, you will lose your spot. If you would like to share a room with someone and reserve a spot for them, please note that this will be possible.


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Thank you Ellen & Nicole for this retreat that was a lovely moment of yoga, relaxation, meeting and getting to know each other.  I hope you’re doing well, and we’ll cross paths again one day :-)


-Participant Priscilla who attended our last retreat in Provence, France Sept 2021 at Crillon Le Brave


How to get to

Su Gologone

Su Gologone is in the heart of Sardinia, in the Barbaggia area. We advise you to fly to Olbia Airport or Cagliari Airport and from there we can arrange for a private transfer to come pick you up for an additional cost. 

We are very happy to also help you organize PRE and POST travel plans, as well as help you get some amazing Travel Insurance. We will be here to guide you every step of the way to make sure it's as smooth as possible for you

This retreat is brought to you by McQueen Yoga, Bono Events International, Stefanie Raccuglia and Su Gologone Experience Hotel.

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