Ellen McQueen is an American yoga instructor currently teaching in Paris, France.  In 2017 she received her 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa certification from Kranti Yoga in Goa, India.

In Ellen’s classes, the spiritual aspect and mental benefits of yoga are just as important as the physical practice.  Her English Literature and Creative Writing background inspires encouraging themes and intentions that Ellen incorporates uniquely into each class.  She also designs playlists to influence movement and serenity.  For Ellen, the most important goal for each class is that her students leave feeling more positive, knowledgable and physically fit than when they arrived.  She is a strong believer that the energy, skills and zen conceived in a yoga class is beneficial not just to the mental and physical state of each yogi, but also to the interactions they will have with others for the rest of the day.




tuesday 13h vinyasa @ The Space coming soon!

tuesday 20h30 power yoga @ Snake & Twist

wednesday 12h30 dynamic vinyasa @ Affordable Yoga 

wednesday 18h ashtanga beginners @ Affordable Yoga

thursday 8h hatha & asana lab @ VieWell coming soon!

thursday 12h30 foundations of yoga @ Affordable Yoga

thursday 19h hatha @ Affordable Yoga

friday 13h @ Snake & Twist



By offering yoga to your coworkers you are providing them with a strategy to reduce stress, enhance efficiency and promote physical wellness.  Classes are held directly in your place of work and can be modified to fit any level and style.


Private classes are held in the comfort of your home.  They can be one-on-one, or in a group.  Ellen designs classes based on each individual's physical and mental capabilities and goals.  Classes can range from dynamic and challenging to restorative and meditative.


As an avid traveler who's had the opportunity of staying at a vast array of hotels around the world, Ellen understands the importance of physical health and mental relaxation while abroad for tourism or business.  She is able to offer your clients a yoga class completely tailored to their needs, whether that be two hours of intense physical work out or thirty minutes of gentle restoration.



Paris, France

+33 6 73 79 51 18


+33 6 73 79 51 18

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