Ellen began her yoga journey at fifteen years old as a high school student in Connecticut.  She continued her practice while attending New York University, exploring the city's countless studios and styles.  In 2017 she traveled to Goa to earn her 200 hour YTT from Kranti Yoga, and has had the privilege of teaching in Paris with studios, private clients and corporations.

Ellen's classes are designed to be beneficial for the body, mind and spirit.  Her background of study in English Literature and Creative Writing help to construct innovative classes that thoughtfully work the body while incorporating yogic intentions and lessons.  She designs playlists to influence the movement and serenity, and enjoys opportunities to include quotes from authors and artists that inspire her.

Ellen currently lives in Paris and is available to teach private or studio classes.  She is insured and is happy to provide references from students and studio owners.



19h Hatha


9h15 Morning Movement begins September!

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12h30 Dynamic Vinyasa

18h Beginners Ashtanga begins September!


12h30 Foundations of Yoga

19h Hatha

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Vinyasa classes focus on connecting our breath to our movements.  The intense concentration on the breath allows the student to quiet the ego mind and find an internal rhythm for his or her practice.  Here we move at a quicker pace and discover more dynamic transitions.  Ellen is happy to design a Dynamic Vinyasa class that is more fitness oriented or incorporate a restorative aspect with Vinyasa Yin.


University life is demanding, and university life particularly in a chaotic city like Paris is overwhelming.  As a student at New York University, Ellen found peace, stability and community through her yoga classes.  She is eager to share this experience with the youth of Paris, designing classes that will focus, inspire and calm students as they navigate the pressures of school and city.



We often become so absorbed by our stressful work days it's easy to forget to take a short walk from the desk, find a few moments of stillness or simply breathe.  By offering a yoga class at the office, employees are given the opportunity to reconnect with movement of the body, stillness of the mind and breath, leading to enhanced health, better focus and improved mood.

Ellen is available Monday - Friday from 8 am - 8 pm.  She teaches in English, and is happy to design classes for any level, around any specific needs and with the primary goal of creating a space for improvement of body, mind and spirit.


As an avid traveler who's had the opportunity of staying at a vast array of hotels around the world, Ellen understands the importance of physical health and mental relaxation while abroad for tourism or business.  She is able to offer your clients a yoga class completely tailored to their needs, whether that be two hours of intense physical work out or thirty minutes of gentle restoration.


In our Hatha practice we slow things down, holding asanas (postures) for a longer period of time.  This does not have to make a hatha class any less physically rigorous, however, and Ellen's classes can range from foundations to yoga to intermediate level.  Her study of Pranayama allows her to incorporate breathing exercises at the beginning of class and she enjoys closing class with guided meditation.  

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